Clothes rental

MRC Academy was also born with the opportunity for the clients to admire unique and historic clothing, witnesses of an era, and art that had changed the fashion system.

The fashion archives host a large selection of items: every single one is a piece of art, a representation of the fashion era and the style used in the time where they had been made. In addition, to guarantee items’ originality, we make sure every single piece is perfectly preserved and protected, to maintain its value and beauty. Our consultation service is easy and personalised. You can choose the items you would like to admire and book a consultation on site or online, where you can see the details and discover their history. Our MRC specialist team will be available to answer every question and share with you our passion for fashion and art.

It doesn’t matter which passion you have in the fashion world; our consultation archive service is here to help you discover every item’s value and beauty.


MRC implements also its B2B service in the fashion service, happy to offer our industrial clients a personalised and professional consultation to improve their market offer.

Our specialist team will work closely with you to understand your needs and develop personalised solutions for your business. We offer a large number of consultation services like market analysis, trend research, production and logistics management, content creation, and marketing strategies.

We strongly support the industrialization process which in the last years had contributed to reducing the environmental impact and improving production efficiency.

Our purpose is to support customers in the efficiency of products, creating a sustainable production project, which can reduce the environmental impact and the waste of materials. This requires a holistic approach that considers all stages of the production chain, from design to material procurement, up to distribution and recycling.

We are specialised to give innovative and personalised solutions, we can satisfy specific needs and create a lasting collaboration with each company we work with, giving continuous and professional support to guarantee your business success in the fashion market.

MRC – Orientation


MRC Academy MRC Academy collaborates with HR experts from the fashion industry that can help you define:
– what possible paths open up in the fashion industry on the basis of your curriculum vitae (training and work experience);
– the ideal career for your aptitudes and aspirations;
– the best training path to achieve your professional goals.

The service has the intention to build a bridge between School and world of work, to give the opportunity to the students and to the institutions to watch with a dynamic and pragmatic views the fashion world knowing in detail the job opportunities.

The service is mainly designed for students of Upper and University Secondary Schools, with a course of study in Fashion and Design. They are offered a customized one-to-one approach to ensure a “sartorial” result.

Our structure also allows us to offer schools in the area, the opportunity to collaborate to provide this type of service to students within their structures, in groups or individually, through meetings with students or teaching staff.